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Monumento a César Preciado / Monument to Cesar Preciado / 2009
Fotografía a color. / C-Print / 100 x 150 cm

Irrigators 15

But when the night wind unleashes itself and its thousands of hammers pound the earth,
the spirit returns to its origins, to its frightening beginnings,
when there was nothing more than the groans of fearful anticipation.
José Revueltas - Human Grief

The work presented here is a series of photographs of abandoned houses in Anahuac, on the north of Mexico, in the irrigators distrtict the 15th. I have lit up the houses at night, as if they were monuments, marking its sculpture characteristics making a theatrical view of the human drama lived there. I analyze through photography their aesthetic categories and their qualities as documents and ruins. In this work I was interested in portraying a disappearing way of life through these images, and how that impacted the use of land. One of the houses was of the sister of my grandfather. The people had to flew to other areas after a drought of several years, that made impossible to keep working the fields.

This work is complemented by the videos of the abandoned fields, a massive photograph of the cemetery and a portrait of the only survivor of the district.